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Gloss Inspection

We meticulously evaluate each tile's surface quality as part of our gloss inspection. We evaluate the gloss levels to make sure they adhere to the required standards. Through careful inspection, it is ensured that the tiles have the necessary reflective qualities, which improves their aesthetic appeal.

Curvature Inspection

We carry out curvature inspections to guarantee uniformity and ideal installation. Our crew inspects the tiles to make sure they are flat and measures their curvature to make sure they conform to the established criteria. We can supply tiles that are simple to install and can produce smooth surfaces thanks to this process.

Size Inspection

Precise size is crucial for seamless tiling and a perfect fit. Our size inspection involves measuring and verifying the dimensions of each tile, ensuring they adhere to the specified requirements. This meticulous assessment guarantees consistency and accuracy, allowing for hassle-free installation and impeccable results.

Weight Inspection

The density and durability of the tiles can be determined with the use of weight inspection. Each tile is meticulously weighed by our quality control team, who then compares the results to the predicted weight range. This procedure makes sure that our tiles adhere to the appropriate weight requirements, giving the placed surfaces durability and strength.


We conduct thorough thickness inspections to maintain consistent tile thickness across our product range. Our experts measure and verify the thickness of each tile, ensuring that they meet our predetermined specifications. This meticulous inspection ensures uniformity and durability in our tile offerings.